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Black Label Membership Programs

A High-Class Society and Industry-Leading “Black Label” membership exclusively designed by the Billionaire Brand Consultant® of Royalty Reigns Management® to amplify, evolve, promote, and protect the brands of the Elect, Elite, and Prestigious!

The Black Label Partnership is a prestigious and transformative brand management program for respected, high-profile, and successful nobility, governments, religious institutions, heads of state, societal leadership, investors, Forbes billionaires, celebrities, leaders, prominent executives, sports and entertainment industry moguls, and renowned organizations across the globe.

Royalty Reigns Black Label® Partnership Consulting Model:

⟡ Done For You – We manage and deliver services to our clientele.

⟡ Done With You – We execute some of the work and give some of the work to our clientele.

⟡ One-on-One Coaching – We advise clientele on what to do in a one-on-one setting via phone, virtual video conference, or in-person. 

⟡ Group Coaching – We provide counsel to clientele in a group setting via virtual video conference or in-person. 

⟡ Online Programs – We create exclusive online programs for clientele to learn at their own pace.

Royalty Reigns Black Label® partnership is invite-only, however, you can review our brand management and governance programs and access the link to the “Discovery Application” listed below for immediate consideration:

Get Discovered!

Black Label

Brand Management + Governance

Government + HNW Business Introductions

As a global leader in the introduction of government officials and high net-worth individuals around the world, we work closely with our members to identify key contacts in the governments that are of interest to them. We then leverage our powerful connections within the industry through our elite global network of 25,000+ to establish meetings with these officials in order for our members to learn vital information on business and investment opportunities available in the country.

Our high-level approach allows us to identify and build relationships with the key decision makers in governments around the world.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Become strategic partners with a wide range of government stakeholders and HNW individuals to meet at different levels of seniority including heads of state, ministers, governors, senior civil servants, C-Level executives, and more.

⟡ Join one-on-one meetings, think tanks, and roundtable discussions with relevant government officials from various industries.

⟡ Access to a variety of local and international funds and investment vehicles that are best suited to meet the needs of members.

⟡ Increased visibility for your country within the global market.

⟡ International networking opportunities to establish and maintain strong diplomatic relationships with other countries is a vital part of any country’s foreign policy.

⟡ Establish relationships with governments that can result in strategic business alliances.

⟡ Attend prominent and high-profile industry events to establish relationships with top decision-makers.

⟡ Leverage and position brands as a leader in the industry while increasing member profiles within the market.

⟡ Introductions to government officials in Africa, the Middle East or Asia.

Global Integrated Marketing

At Royalty Reigns Management, we curate Integrated Marketing campaigns with a tailored approach strategically built on authenticity, trust, relevance, and transparency. Our integrated marketing campaigns is a marriage between your business strategy to achieve maximum reach, engagement and ROI. The result of our campaigns are to create relationships by reaching out and engaging your target audience across multiple channels in order to deliver a consistent brand experience.

There are many components of an Integrated Marketing Campaign, as it unifies advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media through a mixture of tactics, methods, channels, media, and activities; all messaging and communications strategies are consistent across all channels.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Reach more customers with a cohesive message across traditional and digital media platforms

⟡ Create brand awareness amongst a wider audience

⟡ Improve sales conversions by delivering personalized messages specific to an individual’s preferences

⟡ Strengthen customer loyalty by ensuring that there is a consistent message delivered across multiple channels and across time

Press Coverage + Media Relations

We are the masterminds behind a tailored, well-researched, and magnetic approach designed to secure earned TV, Print, Radio, and Online media for our members. Our consultants spearhead the latest media relations and PR techniques to establish the coverage you deserve. We leverage our elite global network and media alliance which consists of Top Tier Media partners (producers, journalists, writers, and editors) and over 500+ major media outlets to secure guaranteed media placements.

With a background in news journalism and strategic communications, our team generates widespread press coverage for our clients that translates into increased brand recognition and enhanced brand awareness.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Local, Regional, National, and International Media Coverage

⟡ Media Placements and Features

⟡ Guest Blog Opportunities

⟡ Podcast Interviews

⟡ Traditional and Print

⟡ TV and Online Interviews

⟡ Press Releases & Distribution

Global Thought Leadership + Speaking Engagements

Global Thought Leadership is the process of developing and sustaining a world-class reputation as an authority and subject matter expert within the industry.
Public speeches and events are essential to maintaining a reputation as a global thought leader. Regularly speaking at conferences, webinars, and other special events build the reputation of our members while developing relationships with like-minded thought leaders in their respective industries.

Conferences are an excellent way to meet other thought leaders in your industry and network with them to build valuable relationships. Our members are very successful speaking at conferences and networking with industry leaders. Our clients have spoken at prominent events such as TEDx, Forbes Magazine Conferences, SHRM Annual Conferences, and more. They are always in high demand for speaking engagements for events around the world.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Partner with Royalty Reigns and trusted speaker bureaus to best match our member’s expertise with the requests for speaking engagements.

⟡ Visibility to the members through thought leadership content pieces.

⟡ Local, regional, national, and international opportunities where members can speak and share their expertise.

⟡ Interviews with media partners to promote member thought leadership and expertise.

⟡ A team to successfully manage conference registrations and travel arrangements.

Wikipedia Creation + Maintenance

Our consultancy will take your brand global by securing a profile on the world’s largest online encyclopedia. With a team of dedicated editors, we’ll work diligently to create or maintain your profile while expanding its reach. We will diligently manage your profile to ensure the article meets Wikipedia’s quality standards and free of vandalism and malicious activity. 

In our experience, nothing can build credibility like an authoritative Wikipedia entry. Our experts will create a profile for your brand that will distinguish you from your competitors and establish you as a leader in your industry.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Increased Traffic – According to Nielsen, more than 500 million people visit Wikipedia every month. This incredible user base provides major exposure for your brand, driving significant traffic to your site to grow their customer base. 

⟡ Improved Rankings in Search Engines – Gain an edge over your competitors because a profile includes relevant keywords that provide search engines with information about their brand.

⟡ Enhanced Brand Credibility – Tell customers that your company is reliable and that your products or services deliver results.

 ⟡ Better Lead Generation – Capture the attention of potential customers who search for products or services within their industry.

⟡ Revenue Opportunities – Repurpose wikipedia profiles as a great source of content or marketing material to promote products and services to generate additional revenue.

⟡ Social Media Verification Support – Establish authority to become a verified social media presence.

Media Training + Crisis Communication

The media is powerful and can have a profound impact on public opinion, which is imperative for brands to manage the media in a way that is both effective and helpful to their image. Media training helps members learn how to interact with journalists during an interview to best represent brands before, throughout, and after a crisis.

Crisis communication refers to the process of creating and maintaining a relationship with the public during an emergency or adverse event. Our team will develop protocols for communicating effectively with key stakeholders to ensure consistency in communication.

There are many benefits of media training and crisis communication for our members. Media training and crisis communications positions and equips our members with the tools to become proactive and confident in their interactions with the media which positions their brand as a thought leader in the industry.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Build confidence when communicating in difficult situations to maintain a positive image for their brand.

⟡ Receive tools and techniques to develop strong communication skills with the media.

⟡ Learn the art of interview preparation so that you can effectively handle tough questions from reporters while maintaining the integrity of your message.

⟡ Develop strategies to avoid potential PR disasters by understanding the pitfalls that often lead to negative media coverage and how to spot them before they happen.

⟡ Access rules of good communication and how to create a successful media campaign for their brand.

⟡ Establish guidelines for responding to media inquiries and handling social media activity in the event of a crisis.

Google Knowledge Panel Creation + Maintenance

Whether you are a business, individual, or organization with an internet presence, a verified google knowledge panel listing establishes authority and improve your search engine results. Our consultants have a strategic partnership with google and discovered the critical secrets to create, manage, and secure verified google knowledge panels for our members.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Be recognized as an authority in your industry and attract more qualified leads for your brand.

⟡ Build trust and establish credibility with your customers by showcasing positive reviews from existing customers on your google knowledge panel.

⟡Establish a credible online presence and build credibility with potential customers by displaying your qualifications, certifications, and awards on your google knowledge panel.

⟡ Increased brand recognition and exposure for their product and service

⟡ Rank higher in search engine results

Social Media Verification + Management

Social Media Verifications are unique among prominent brands, public figures, executives, politicians, and networks like the Oprah Winfrey Network required an agency to secure the blue check mark next to their social media accounts. We verify or manage personal and business profiles on various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube.

From verifying a brand, business leader, athlete, or celebrity like Beyoncé to Disney, Royalty Reigns Management only verify the most credible brands, organizations, and influencers in their respective industries to ensure their followers can trust their content and information. Our team has over ten years of experience securing social media verifications and managing the profiles of purpose-driven brands, celebrities, governments, religious institutions, heads of state, societal leadership, investors, and prominent executives.

In addition to verification services, we manage social media channels for our clients and provide insight on how to amplify social media engagement and create compelling content that attracts new followers through high quality photography, videography, and content creation.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Increased Credibility and Reputation Value – The blue checkmark icon is a status symbol for our members (high-status brands and Fortune 500 companies).

⟡ Security – Users can verify an account to ensure they are interacting with our members (the actual owner of the account).

⟡ Authenticity – With proper verification, users can be confident our member’s account is real and the content is being posted by the real owner.

⟡ Validation – Social media verification gives the user confidence that our members are respected within their industry.

Famous Birthdays is a website that provides information on famous people’s birthdays, including celebrities, politicians, and historical figures. The database contains more than 11 million names.

When members are interested in securing or maintaining a famous birthday profile, we ensure they are eligible. Our members are people who have achieved a level of notoriety in their field of expertise.

At Royalty Reigns Management, we ensure our members are featured on as their careers deserve the privilege and honor.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Opportunities to promote theirselves and connect with followers across the globe

⟡ Members can share news about their accomplishments, connect with fans, and grow your influence in the industry.

⟡ A featured profile to enhance their personal brand
High recognition as an expert in their field.

⟡ Receives a link to the profile to display on their personal website or social media account

IMDb Creation + Management

IMDb is the world’s most trusted and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. It ranks high on Google and takes your brand credibility to the next level. As part of our premium services, we set up and manage an IMDb profile for actors, actresses, directors, producers, musicians, and other entertainment professionals.

We manage IMDb profiles and their online image! Our consultants partner with members with proven credits in movies, music videos, albums, short movies, short films, web series, and more. For brands with an existing page, we will access page credentials prior to management. For members without an existing page, we will create one to help manage your profile and grow it! Through this service, our main goal is to show our members that being listed on IMDb can provide significant benefits for their professional careers.

Member Benefits:

⟡ A profile on the #1 site for film and entertainment fans worldwide

⟡ Builds professional reputation and credibility in the industry

⟡ Increases brand awareness for your company/brand by appearing on a trusted site like IMDb

⟡ Provides exposure from millions of visitors per month who are seeking information on the latest movies and TV shows.

Celebrity + Thought Leader Ghostwriting, Book Publishing, and Distribution

As ghostwriters for celebrities and thought leaders, we understand the importance of creating powerful content that reflects their unique voices and messages. Whether it is a celebrity looking to tell their brand story or an established business leader interested positioning themselves as an industry expert, our writers will produce a captivating story designed to resonate with their target audience.

“Bestselling Author” is the holy grail for authors and publishing executives. Being recognized as an authority in their industry, positively impacts their career and overall brand visibility. Our expert ghostwriters can develop a compelling story that perfectly aligns with their brand values and ideals while connecting with their audience in a meaningful way. In addition to writing their books, we provide book production, design, and distribution through our in-house team. With content development and marketing services, we turn their ideas into a bestselling book that drives authentic results for their brand. Our team will provides global distribution to major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Costco.

Not only do we ghostwrite books, we write content for public speeches, thought leadership articles for publication, key messages, blog posts, press releases, scripts, websites, product descriptions, television and film treatments, op-eds, and other content for marketing to best position our members as thought leaders in their industry.

Member Benefits

⟡ An-house team of writers, editors, designers, and marketing experts to create a truly unique book that perfectly reflects their vision and expertise.

⟡ Receive a promotional strategy to drive engagement, sales, and position them as an expert in their industry.

⟡ Make connections with key influencers to help drive their message virally across the internet.

⟡ Generate buzz around their book on social media by leveraging the power of their social following.

⟡ Effective marketing funnel to increase visibility and awareness around their content.

⟡ Gain the recognition they deserve as a leading authority in their industry.

⟡ Expert level copywriting to promote their products and services.

⟡ Access to millions of new readers and the ability to get their content into major retailers and media publications across the globe.

Website Creation + Management

The power of a website for personal and corporate brands lies in its ability to connect with potential and current customers, employees, and partners. As a brand owner, it is best to know the importance of creating an effective website that is accessible and user-friendly. With a solid website, our members build awareness of their brand and its products and services, and reach your target audience through a unique and innovative presence.

At Royalty Reigns Management, we provide custom website design and management services for clients across a wide range of industries. Our team has years of experience working with various content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla!, Kajabi, and Magento to develop effective websites that generate traffic and drive conversions. We also offer SEO services to help businesses achieve their online goals. Whether you are interested in redesigning an existing website or are looking for a new web design, we are here to define your goals and create a design strategy that supports your overall business objectives to capture the essence of your business and conveys your message to your audience.

Member Benefits

⟡ A powerful platform to promote your brand and services to generate sales

⟡ Strong online presence to increase your visibility and improve their brand image.

⟡ Clear and consistent brand experience across all touch points to improve credibility among potential customers.

⟡ Management of website updates, content, and offers to ensure a seamless user experience.

⟡ The latest industry standards and best practices to ensure your website meets all their requirements.

Brand Photography + Video Production

The power of a website for personal and corporate brands lies in its ability to connect with potential and current customers, employees, and partners. As a brand owner, it is best to know the importance of creating an effective website that is accessible and user-friendly. With a solid website, our members build awareness of their brand and its products and services, and reach your target audience through a unique and innovative presence.

A professional brand photography and videography service provides effective and memorable creative for their brand. Whether you need a striking portrait or an evocative video message, we create the perfect blend of imagery and technical expertise to meet our member’s specific business needs. If they are developing a corporate website, marketing material or implementing a new advertising campaign, we capture their vision and create eye-catching content that will grab the attention of their target audience. 

Our creative team works with our members to identify the core values of their brands to develop concepts and ideas that align with their message and goals. We will refine their ideas and create a visual representation of their brand that truly captures its essence. 

We work closely with our members to understand their branding goals and develop a visual strategy that meets your needs. Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed about our progress and ensure they’re satisfied with the results.

Member Benefits

⟡ High-quality images and videos to improve their online visibility and connect with their audience on an emotional level

⟡ Showcase their personals brand, products, or services in a compelling, professional light to boost sales and generate more interest.

⟡ Powerful impressions that strengthens their brand identity

⟡ Receive invaluable assets to communicate their brand’s unique value proposition and capture the attention of your target audience.

⟡ Share content with customers on social media to build brand awareness and drive traffic back to their website.

⟡ Attract new customers and differentiate theirselves from competitors. 


Deals + Partnerships + Endorsements

Celebrity + Public Figure Appearances

At Royalty Reigns Management, we secure the most sought-after Celebrities, Athletes, Public Figures, Influencers, and Keynote Speakers for corporate events and promotional appearances. We know the importance of having top-tier talent at your event and the importance of partnering with a reputable and reliable company throughout the process. Our members count on us to deliver the celebrity or public figure that best represents their event and budget.

We handle all aspects of securing the perfect celebrity or public figure for your corporate or personal event to ensure a seamless and successful experience.

Member Benefits

⟡ Corporate Events

⟡ Autograph Signings

⟡ Symposiums

⟡ Conventions

⟡ Trade shows

⟡ Golf Tournaments

⟡ Panel Discussions

⟡ Meet-and-Greets

⟡ and other Special Occasions

Celebrity + Influencer Marketing

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to have a strong celebrity and influencer marketing campaign. Celebrities have a large following, and can reach a large number of consumers with their messages. When working with celebrities, it is important to find a spokesperson who best aligns with our member’s campaign message. It is also important to have a brand ambassador who is active on social media. This way, the influencer can connect with their followers, and have them spread our member’s message.

We curate viral celebrity marketing campaigns for athletes, businesses, entertainers, and non-profits. Our tailored programs result in global publicity for our members, clients, and partners. From conception to execution, our strategies include a strategic brand position, cohesive brand messages, high-value relationships, powerful ideals, magnetic stories, and global brand experiences that transform lives, careers, and culture. Our consultants will set the standard to secure top media placements, and improve visibility and search rankings for the campaign’s official launch.

Member Benefits

⟡ Fan Pages

⟡ Charitable Events

⟡ Non-profit Developments

⟡ Athletic Camps

⟡ E-commerce Stores

Brand Deals + Endorsements

Major brand deals have included celebrity and athlete endorsements, such as Beyoncé for Topshop and Michael Jordan for Nike. In addition, many well-known celebrities have endorsed products: Angelina Jolie for Lancôme, Ashton Kutcher for Virgin Mobile, Miranda Kerr for Garnier, Lance Armstrong for Nike, and many more.

We secure the deal! Royalty Reigns Management creates and executes strategies with a diverse portfolio of talent that includes celebrities, athletes, public figures, and other influencers to help brands and businesses generate awareness, increase revenue, and increase customer engagement. By carefully selecting partnerships and securing strategic endorsements, we can promote a wide range of products and services and generate substantial publicity for brands.

We source, vet, negotiate and secure the perfect brand deal on behalf of top-quality talent and corporate brands for next-level marketing. Celebrities, Athletes, and Public Figures will endorse products or services through a variety of advertising mediums.

Member Benefits

⟡ Billboards

⟡ TV Commercials

⟡ Radio Advertising

⟡ Print Advertisements

⟡ Website Endorsements

⟡ Point-of-Purchase

⟡ Voiceovers

⟡ Infomercials

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are a the essence of our society! We believe that effective relationship-building leads to mutually beneficial marriage partnerships. The consultants of Royalty Reigns Management will source, broker, and manage the partnerships to ensure that our members receive maximum value from every opportunity. Our goal is to create long-lasting relationships with powerful brands. We have strong relationships with some of the biggest names in the corporate sector, and we work incredibly hard to secure high-profile sponsorships for our partners.

Strategic partnerships are a multi-faceted approach to building and maintaining strong connections in business. Ultimately, strategic business partnerships require trust, shared goals, and values. A successful partnership is a strong foundation of communication, shared vision, and a dedication to mutual success.

After several years of dedicated research and hard work, we have built a strong network of high-quality partners in a variety of sectors. Royalty Reigns Management’s elite global network includes a number of top brands and agencies that specialize in different industries, such as technology, real estate, sports and entertainment, health and fitness, food and beverage, and more. Our partners share our passion for innovation and excellence, and we are privileged to work with them on a diverse range of exciting projects.

Member Benefits

⟡ Information exchange, Business Referrals, and Networking

⟡ Co-branded development/design of products or services

⟡ Acquisition of Shares or Assets

⟡ Funding

⟡ Cross-Promotions

⟡ Technology-Sharing

⟡ Mergers and Acquisitions

⟡ Joint Ventures

TV + Film Networks

Our Media division is designed for Creative Visionaries & Storytellers! At Royalty Reigns Management, passion drives our high performance. The driving forced behind Royalty Reigns Media are Emmy award-winners and Entertainment veterans who are represented and highly recognized by the SAG-AFTRA, Television Academy, Writers Guild of America, and Producer’s Guild, and holds many other accolades while spearheading projects for networks like Disney, Netflix, HBO, O.W.N, VH1, B.E.T, National Geographic, Discovery, and more. From adventure to comedy to reality television. With over 20 years of writing, directing, producing, and developing, we consult and inspire the next generation of storytellers.

Member Benefits

⟡ Television & Film Treatments

⟡ Scriptwriting: Critiques and Development

⟡ Pitch Decks

⟡ Sizzle Reels: Critiques and Development

⟡ Market Analysis

⟡ Television Network Pitching

⟡ Strategic Partnerships

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