Royalty Reigns


Royalty Reigns Management’s brand management and marketing communications strategies elevate celebrities, renowned organizations, and emerging brands by cutting through the noise and delivering magnetic stories that influence customers across multiple cultures, borders, and platforms.

We create tailored experiences as we expand our client’s brand on a national or international level!

Our effective communications strategies leverage the best of marketing, PR, media relations, advertising, and demand generation – all are built upon an innovative mindset and solid foundation which sets us apart as we reach, inspire, engage, and grow organic amplification within the luxury lifestyle, entertainment, and sports industries.

celebrity, Talent, and corporate brand management

Representation of the public profiles of celebrities, talent, and corporate brands, managing reputations, and career opportunities; media appearances, ongoing press, speaking engagements, ghostwriting, endorsements, crisis management, and more; ensuring opportunities are carefully selected and are beneficial for our client’s brand.

Integrated Marketing

A program that unifies advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing, and social media, through a mix of tactics, methods, channels, media, and activities; all messaging and communications strategies are consistent across all channels.

Celebrity and Influencer Marketing

Conceptualize and implement ambassador led campaigns to pair client products with celebrities and social media influencers for high visibility collaborations through web, mobile and publicity.

PR and Media rеlаtіоnѕ

PR and media relations strategies to amplify your brand using a tailored, well-researched, and magnetic approach designed to secure earned TV, Print, Radio, and Online media.

Online Rерutаtіоn management

Optimize your online presence to reign above your competitors through content creation,  Google and Bing pay-per-click advertising, Facebook Ads, and organic SEO.

Social Media and Digital Marketing

Innovative social media and digital content marketing strategies; provide day-to-day, and community management across Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Creative Writing, Design, and production

Ghostwriting, copywriting, marketing collateral, logos, biographies, cover letters, resumes, email campaigns, blog content, infographics, video production, custom photography, illustration & animation, digital advertising assets, newsletters, and website development.

Event Management and PR

From grand openings, launch parties, press tours, to consumer-facing events, we manage all aspects of event production; celebrity & VIP invites, guest list curation, gift bag curation, sponsorship and media outreach, photography, and red carpet management.

Media mоnіtоrіng and measurement

Ongoing monitoring of print, online, broadcast, and social media content to identify, save, analyze, and gain market intelligence through tracking your reputation, competitors, and key topics within your industry.

Service Overview

PR + Media Relations

Do you dream of having your brand featured in well-known media outlets?

Are your sights set on Forbes, the New York Times, or Cosmopolitan?

Royalty Reigns Management’s media partners include but are not limited to the outlets shown above. 

We analyze every aspect of your brand to produce magnetic stories and high return of investment media placements.

Clients have been featured in Good Morning America, Today, Forbes, Essence, Vogue, LA Times, Prestige, Elle, Haute Living, Food + Wine, ESPN, and hundreds of other reputable media outlets.

We offer the following PR and Media Relations Services:

➊ Media Outreach and Pitching

We identify appropriate media outlets for your campaign and reach out with customized media pitches. (We don’t engage in mass pitching!)

➋ Media Placements and Features

We work with editors, reporters, and journalists to get you or your client’s business featured in targeted media outlets.

➌ Guest Blog Opportunities

We identify top-tier blogs, magazines, and websites where we can publish guest blog posts.

➍ Bylines and Thought Leadership Pieces

In identifying top-tier blogs, we make time to find blogs, magazines, and websites to publish bylines. This includes thought leadership pieces on behalf of your company.

➎ Podcast Interviews

We curate a list of target podcasts and get you or your clients booked as guests.

➏ TV and Online Interviews

We identify TV and digital video interview opportunities that get you (or your clients) in front of the right target audience.

➐ Local Media Coverage

We nurture relationships with local TV, radio, digital and print news media to get your business featured.

➑ Traditional and Print

We identify opportunities in traditional media (print, TV, radio) for you or your clients.

Even if your website is already driving traffic and capturing leads, you may lack the branding and critical third-party credibility needed to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Our specialty is placing clients directly in front of relevant media outlets without a major time investment.

➒ Press Release Writing & Distribution

We will write your next press release and distribute it globally with guaranteed pick up from our media partners.

We have a global network and a track record of securing top tier media, but we also provide press release distribution.

Our client’s brands are recognized in the USA, Brazil, China, France, United Kingdom, Singapore, and more!

We’re so confident in our strategy that we guarantee results!