Royalty Reigns

Leadership Team

With high-end matchmakers, the top business consultants, creative strategists, publicists, event planners, big-picture thinkers, and social media experts in-house, we bring our collective genius together to deliver a high level of quality control and global brand communication experiences with measurable results!

If necessary, we engage a diverse team of all ages as we brainstorm to develop our high-end campaign ideas. These ideas live across all campaign platforms.

Our goal of every campaign is to inform and persuade mass audiences to open their minds to improving their quality of life with our clients’ products and services.

Kioka Tanksley

Founder & CEO

Kioka Tanksley is the Billionaire Brand Consultant®, Founder of The World’s Only Billionaire Council, and CEO of Royalty Reigns Management, a Prestigious Invitation-Only Society and Global Brand Consultancy specializing in high-end matchmaking, brand management, innovation, design, experience, marketing, activation, creative consulting, and elite global networking for the World’s Most Prestigious and Iconic Brands. 

As the Billionaire Brand Consultant®, Kioka Tanksley is trusted by and responsible for The World’s Only Billionaire Council, BillionairesMultibillion-Dollar enterprises, Billions in revenue, philanthropy, charitable donations, and market value, and over 1 Billion media impressions for the Upper Echelon to make a global impact and transform the world. She has been recognized by ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, Reuters, Kontrol Magazine, and many other prominent publications. 

Kioka Tanksley is a self-made, purpose-driven woman of God, successful businesswoman, visionary, thought-leader, motivational coach, keynote speaker, global brand strategist, and media powerhouse who is a leading voice in the Christian woman and entrepreneurship space. Kioka’s ultimate passion is to remain the preeminent society, global brand consultancy, and platform for The Upper Echelon to focus on global or national issues, contribute wealth, and showcase kingdom principles to transform lives, careers, brands, and culture. 

She is the mastermind behind Royalty Reigns Billionaire Council®, a secret-invitation-only society and prestigious council for the Upper Echelon. It is the only of its kind, which is unique to the communications industry. The Billionaire Council is an upscale international community designed for the 1% and available to a limited number of members per year to join an elite global network of powerful tastemakers, like-minded individuals, and renowned organizations who share the same principles, standards, similar interests, and hail from exceptional socio-economic backgrounds.

Kioka Tanksley is highly-sought after for her prestigious-industry-leading society, expertise, sophistication, and exclusive-invitation-only VIP membership programs: Royalty Reigns Billionaire Council®Royalty Reigns Black Label®, and Royalty Reigns White Label® elite global brand consulting which build awareness, engagement, and loyalty through paid, earned, and organic media. She is chosen by the Upper Echelon, respected for her core values, high standards, and an elite global network of 25,000+, valued for her discretion, and recognized industry-wide for her unique prophetic ability to envision the unforeseen, touch the intangible, and do the unimaginable.

Kioka Tanksley and the consultants of Royalty Reigns Management work with high-profile individuals and brands like Daniel Truett Cathy, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Brookfield Asset Management, Givenchy, Armani Hotel, Air Partner, Chanel, Gucci, Rolex, Olay, Avon, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), FOX Broadcasting, Atlanta International Airport, Brooks Brothers, ExOfficio, MAC, Michael Kors, Patricia Nash, Sean John, SPANX, Tumi, XpressSpa, iTunes, Roc Nation, Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association, and more.

Tanksley’s Prestigious Invitation-Only Society and Global Brand Consultancy is headquartered in New York City with offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and the United Kingdom. 

Interested in collaborating with Kioka Tanksley for Long-Term Brand Partnerships, TV & Radio Appearances, Live & Virtual Event Hosting, Public Speaking, Workshops, and more?

Tanksley is a verified and active talent on​ the ​All American Speakers Bureau​. 

Kimberly Reynolds

Chief Operating Officer

Kim is the Chief Operating Officer of Royalty Reigns Management, who creates and executes marcom strategies and plans, coordinates a variety of marketing execution resources (internal and external) to carry out the plan, and ensure coordination with Sales. She also spearheads public relations programs, ensuring that our organization’s brand story is communicated effectively and all public relations outcomes tie into strategic business goals. She leads the consultancy while unifying and motivating cross-functional teams in product management, vertical marketing, product marketing, and sales to execute all marketing initiatives and deliver best-in-class results.

Melody Byrd

Executive Assistant

As Executive Assistant, Melody reports directly to the President and CEO, Kioka Tanksley. She has over 10+ years of experience managing fast-paced desks in production, entertainment studios, and talent agencies. Melody provides executive support the President, serves as a liaison to Board of Directors, and Senior Leadership Team. She organizes and coordinates executive outreach and external relations, and oversees special projects. Melody is the primary point of contact for internal and external constituencies on all matters pertaining to the President.

Leslie Moye'

Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer, Leslie manages accounting, finance, human resources, information technology, legal, and business operations for the consultancy.  Prior to joining the team, Leslie contributed to the financial infrastructure of the City of Atlanta, Federal Aviation Administration, Computer Consultants, and McKenney & Froelich.

Ian Morgan

Corporate Sponsorships Director

As the Strategic Partnerships Director, Ian generates revenue for our clients through branded content partnerships and sponsorship opportunities to Tier 1 brands and agencies across the US and UK. He has national sales experience and expertise in selling branded entertainment. Ian has over 15 years of international sales experience and selling branded entertainment. His expertise includes developing and maintaining business relationships, designing policies that allow partnerships to thrive, identifying opportunities for new partnerships, and strengthening existing relationships and collaborations.

Elicia Khan

Senior Celebrity and VIP Relations Manager

A results-oriented and creative Brand Manager on the Celebrity and VIP relations team. Elicia is responsible for helping manage and lead the direction of a portfolio of celebrity brands ensuring their continued growth and viability in the global market. She leads and oversees relationships with global licensees ensuring that they are equipped and prepared to deliver on the brand vision, all of which drives achievement of financial targets.

Andrea Santiago

Senior Publicist

A PR and Communications professional with 15 years of experience who has represented organizations ranging from Fortune 500’s to start-ups and for various industries, including lifestyle, entertainment, non-profit, food & beverage, retail, travel & hospitality, and more.

Erica Lee

Senior Marketing Strategist

As a Brand Marketing Strategist, Erica partners in the development, implementation and evaluation of marketing programs and strategies. She supports business strategies and projects including but not limited to sales growth, market penetration, customer retention, quality, image, improved profit margins and improved market share.

Md Ashik

Website Designer

Md Ashik is a professional website designer and developer with over a decade of experience. As a veteran in the industry, he has provided reliable solutions for lifestyle, entertainment, real estate, corporate, education, retail, magazine, technology, political, and start-up brands.

Whether it is WordPress, Custom Coding, Front-End Design, or Graphic Design, Ashik’s passion is to partner with clients who challenges him creatively to produce results and establish long-term benefits. As a professional designer and mentor, he has earned the trust of more than 1000+ clients and 800+ students worldwide.