The Elite - Media Relations Program ( 4 ) Features + ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Marketwatch!

The Elite – Media Relations Program ( 4 ) Features + ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Marketwatch!



Get Featured in 4 Guaranteed Features + ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Marketwatch!

Receive 4 Guaranteed Features + ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, Marketwatch with The Elite – Media Relations Program, offered by Royalty Reigns Management – an invite-only society dedicated to helping businesses, public figures, and individuals establish credibility and authenticity on a global scale.

The Elect program is perfect for individuals and businesses who want to take their media relations to the next level. We’ll provide you with a tailored media pitch and press release, which we’ll distribute to four media partners within our elite global network and media alliance. With four guaranteed online niche/industry media placements, you’ll be able to increase your authority and reputation. We’ll also publish your press release on 100+ news and media sites, including the ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS networks. You’ll receive two reports, including a press release distribution report and a media coverage report that showcases your media placements.
We understand that building a successful brand requires a strategic and effective PR and marketing plan. That’s why we leverage our elite global network and media alliance to guarantee media placement for our clients.

With this product, you will receive:

Media Pitch, Press Release Writing, and Publishing:
⟡ 1 Tailored Media Pitch of 250 words
⟡ 1 Press Release of 300 – 500 words
⟡ 1 Revision for the media pitch and press release
⟡ Distribute tailored media pitch and press release to 4 media partners within our elite global network and media alliance
⟡ 4 Guaranteed Online Niche/Industry Media Placement with a Domain Authority (DA) range of 50-65, secured through their elite global network and media alliance. The placements could be a guest post, op-ed, interview, or feature to enhance the client’s authority and reputation.
⟡ 1 press release published on 400+ news and media sites, including the ABC, NBC, FOX, and CBS network, and MarketWatch.
⟡ Two Reports:
1.) A Press release distribution report in a form of a pdf which includes live links to published press release on each media outlet.
2.) A Media coverage report that best showcases a comprehensive overview of the media placements secured, the report will include the publication, the title of the article, author, date of publication, and metrics associated with each placement, such as the estimated audience reach and social media shares.
⟡ Elevate your chances of social media verification
Timeframe: Up to two weeks (due to high volume, changes to publication requirements, and guaranteed placement)

Google News Indexing (Opportunity)
⟡ Index your article on Google News both on the app and online
⟡ This opportunity is not guaranteed, but it raises the chance of being indexed.

Niche Acceptance
⟡ We only accept niche topics specific to each publication this includes: Business, Entertainment (including Artists, Influencers or Social Media Personalities), Music, Hip Hop, Lifestyle, Science, Technology, Health, Finance, Law, Cryptocurrency, etc.
⟡ For example, if it is a business only publication, we will not publish an article with the focus on entertainment or vice versa.

Client Benefits

⟡ Exclusive access to the society’s elite global network and media alliance
⟡ Boost your brand reputation, credibility and authenticity
⟡ Increase your online visibility and reach
⟡ Drive more traffic and generate leads to your website
⟡ Effective for social media verification
⟡ Useful for the Google knowledge panel
⟡ No Contract or long term commitment
⟡ Eligible for a complimentary social media verification consultation after a minimum purchase of 3 a la carte press coverage and media placements, you can schedule your consultation here.

“Our suite of a la carte press coverage and media relations programs offer a range of options for our members, including guaranteed media placements that are non-refundable. With access to our elite global network and media alliance, our members can trust that their brand will be elevated to new heights of success and prestige.”


Guaranteed press coverage and media relations programs at Royalty Reigns Management , are designed for those who want to experience our services and secure media coverage before applying for membership or while their application is under review. This program allows you to test the waters and get a feel for our relationship before making a commitment as a Black Label or White Label member. To access our guaranteed media placements, simply apply for membership and we’ll take care of the rest. Our flexible membership options do not require a long-term commitment, giving you the freedom to choose the services that best fit your needs.

Disclaimer: Upon purchasing this service, you give Royalty Reigns Management Royalty Reigns Management media and marketing rights and permission to advertise or promote your name, brand, or images on our social media accounts, website, presentations, newsletters, magazines, books, marketing materials, and marketing campaigns to promote our service and society in the media referring to the mentioned as the individual, organization, or product brand(s) as a client.


This means we have your permission to use them to promote or advertise the feature or you as a client with your explicit consent. However, you do not have the permission to state you are a member of our society and we represent you as a consultancy. A la carte press coverage and media relations is a one-time fee and alternative to those who are not members but are considered clients.

This service is for digital press only and we do not post or promote content that promotes violence, drugs, or sex. If you submit content that falls under this category, you will not receive a refund.


Don’t miss out on this exclusive opportunity to elevate your personal and professional brand to new heights of success and prestige. Share your message with the world and join the ranks of industry royalty by mastering the art of social media verification and understanding the exclusive process of the prestigious society of Royalty Reigns Management.

Book a Virtual Soirée or check our FAQs if you have any questions or need any further information before purchasing this service.

Please Note: This does not guarantee placements as you must consider multiple factors, such as whether you are pitching to the correct producers, journalists, editors, freelancers, etc. The Social Media Verification Consultation will be canceled if you did not purchase to meet the minimum requirements. Instead, consider pre-ordering an inside look at our verification process:


“Mission Verified: Inside the Prestigious Society of Royalty Reigns Management” – Black Label Edition


We look forward to guaranteeing your feature and seeing you in the media!