Royalty Reigns

Black Label®

The Luxurious-Invitation-Only

Black Label Partnership Program

A High-Class Society and Industry-Leading “Black Label” membership exclusively designed by the Billionaire Brand Consultant® of Royalty Reigns Management® for the Elect, Elite, and Prestigious!


We. Represent. Royalty!

Black Label membership and partnership programs to amplify, evolve, promote, and protect the brands and reputations of the Elect, Elite, and Prestigious.


The “Royalty Reigns Black Label®” is our exclusive industry-leading signature program and the world’s preeminent, invitation-only, and highly selective partnership program for the Upper Echelon. The Black Label partnership is the only of its kind, which is unique to the communications industry.

The Black Label Partnership is a prestigious, transformative, and designer brand management program for Royalty, respected, high-profile, and successful Forbes billionaires, nobility, celebrities, CEOs, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, sports and entertainment industry moguls, and renowned organizations across the globe.

Royalty Reigns Management is a global leader in brand consulting services, known for creating luxurious experiences with our upscale approach, award-winning brand strategies, and high-quality solutions to help bring our clientele and partners valuable opportunities.

Our priority is managing our client’s lifestyles, brands, and reputations with the highest standard of care while providing counsel to support their goals at any stage of life.

At Royalty Reigns Management, we envision the unforeseen, touch the intangible, do the unimaginable, reach global recognition, dwell in high-places, and reign in power!

Royalty Reigns Black Label® partnership is invite-only, however, you can access the application listed below for immediate consideration if you:

  • Wish to join Royalty Reigns Management’s Elite Global Network and no longer want to wait for an exclusive invitation
  • Meet the Eligibility Requirements
  • Want Access to More Information
  • Urgently seek Crisis Management and Damage Control consulting due to a recent traumatic event
  • Desire Representation or Team Integration


Management + Governance


We Build Brands with The Mantle of Royalty!

Royalty Reigns Management builds iconic brands and brand portfolios that remain relevant, uniquely differentiated, in the center of the heart, and at the top of mind as they Reign in an ever-changing market and complex world. In a world filled with noise and digital transformation, we create quiet revolutions that transform culture and spark movements and emotionally connect to the hearts and minds. We endow the divine provision, wisdom, faith, systematic, and creative thinking to build new brands, reposition existing ones, and establish future growth with great confidence.

  • Celebrity 
  • Individual 
  • Corporate
  • Reputation 
  • Brand Positioning 
  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Portfolio
  • Brand Identity and Expression 
  • Brand Names and Taglines



We Drive the Power of Influence, Innovation, and Transformation!

Most businesses and people desire to be the Royalty of their respective industries. As a result, and quest for power, they have wasted their precious time and capital trying to follow industry and digital trends without initiating a clear strategy. At Royalty Reigns Management, we focus first and foremost on insight, purpose, the power of influence, innovation, and transformational growth. This approach drives our client’s brand and is deeply rooted in their unique purpose, vision, and delivers value for their desired customer and future.

  • Growth Strategy
  • Venture Planning
  • Concept Development
  • Customer Opportunity 
  • Prototyping and Piloting



We Create Brand Expressions That Reign! 

Design is a vehicle for transformation, authentic expression, and access to dominion. The core of brand excellence, authenticity, and endurance is our commitment to envision the unimaginable based on our client’s purpose and bring it to life. With a diverse team of visual, verbal, and interaction creative designers and content writers, we press beyond the boundaries of design to influence people to emotionally connect with brands and shift their perception of the world.

  • Creative Strategy & Content Development
  • Visual Systems and Logos
  • Information Design
  • Voice 
  • Interaction Design
  • Events and Environments



We Create Dynamic & Holistic Experiences with Prestige!  

The world’s most prestigious brands are established by what they say, do and make possible for their customers. On our client’s behalf, we create meaning in their customers’ lives by turning innovative ideas into captivating experiences. We design futuristic prototypes and bold customer solutions that set trends, rather than chase them.

  • Experience Strategy
  • Experience Design
  • Employee and Customer Experience
  • Service Design
  • Touchpoint Optimization
  • Signature Moments



We Drive Transformational Growth for Royalty!

At Royalty Reigns Management, we develop global marketing strategies, structures, and tools for our clients to remain ahead of industry trends and the changing customer landscape. From generating complex data and real-time customer insights to establishing rapid-response and go-to-market capabilities that drive preference and accelerates transformative growth.

  • Celebrity & Influencer Marketing 
  • Integrated Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Market Opportunity
  • Segmentation
  • Value Proposition
  • Messaging
  • Go-to Market Strategy
  • Marketing Effectiveness



We Foster an Elite Global Network for Impact and Global Prosperity! 

To be Royalty is to be globally recognized as an iconic and prestigious brand that has mastered impact and brand loyalty. To achieve this level of success, one would need a global network, loyal employees, and customers who believe in and champions their brand. To achieve this level of success, we activate our client’s brand with their internal network, expertise, and Royalty Reigns Management’s Elite Global Network, creating a sense of shared purpose and inspiring belief.

We responsibly communicate powerful ideas, magnetic brand stories, connect our clients to their audiences across multiple platforms, amplify their vision to intercept targeted consumers, increase visibility, build strong partnerships, and deliver engaging brand marketing solutions with measurable results.

  • Brand Photography and Production
  • PR & Media Relations
  • Employee and Customer Engagement
  • Employee Value Proposition
  • Events and Programs
  • Internal and Crisis Communications
  • Capability Building
  • Online Reputation Management 
  • Media Monitoring and Measurement

Black Label

Members Receive Access To

  • Royalty Reigns Management’s Prestigious Society and Elite Global Network of 25,000+ Powerful Celebrities, High-Profile Individuals, and Renowned Organizations
  • Global Brand Experiences
  • V.I.P Membership – Exclusive Events & Partnerships
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
  • And more!



  • Based on the information you provide; our Lead Brand Consultant will evaluate your initial application for membership. Expect a response to your submission within 3-5 business days.
  • To apply, you must be a renowned Celebrity, High-Profile Individual or Enterprise.

Business Requirements

  • generates a minimum of $1M – $1B USD in revenue, or…
  • has a minimum of $1M USD in financing
  • for nonprofit applicants, the minimum annual revenue requirement is $1M

Individual Requirements 

  • personal net worth of $1M to $1B USD

If you meet our requirements and would like to apply, please fill out the information below. 

The information you provide will ONLY be shared with our internal membership-selection committee.

Please note: Meeting the criteria listed above does not guarantee service or acceptance.

Black Label

Events, Partnerships & Work

Black Label

Brand Marketing & Activation

Our Lead Brand Consultant, Kioka Tanksley, and Creative Director, Shay Leonora are the best in the industry!

One/35 Black Label partnership.
One/35 Black Label partnership.
One/35 Black Label partnership.
S. Leonora Black Label Partnership
S. Leonora Black Label Partnership
S. Leonora Black Label Partnership
S. Leonora Black Label Partnership

Black Label

Consulting Models

Royalty Reigns Black Label® partnership consulting models:

  • Done For You – We manage and deliver services to our clientele.
  • Done With You – We execute some of the work and give some of the work to our clientele.
  • One-on-One Coaching – We advise clientele on what to do in a one-on-one setting via phone, virtual video conference, or in-person. 
  • Group Coaching – We provide counsel to clientele in a group setting via virtual video conference or in-person. 
  • Online Programs – We create exclusive online programs for clientele to learn at their own pace.

Black Label

Partnership Application

The Royalty Reigns Black Label® partnership is a high-society, limited to a select number of high-profile individuals and enterprise brands. However, by disclosing your primary reason for applying, you will be considered for membership and access to Royalty Reigns Management's Billionaire Brand Consultants®.
Please let us know if you are interested submitting a personal or corporate application.
You must be a senior-level executive of a corporate enterprise to qualify for membership.
It is imperative to disclose the financials within the last 12 months for consideration and further review.
The marketing budget is equal to 10% of your annual revenue. It is imperative to disclose the financials within the last 12 months for consideration and further review.