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Music Division


Royalty Reigns Management’s Music Division serves independent and seasoned recording artists.

The music industry embraces talented and innovative pioneers like Adele and Chance The Rapper, the two are living proof of new and emerging artists no longer require the financial backing of major record labels to become successful. We are a team of experts who partner with artists who wholeheartedly believe in their careers and are willing to invest in themselves, such artists make it to the top of the music industry with their music and an authentic fan base.

Royalty Reigns Management will only partner with an artist who desires to be managed by a team that understands the industry, their music, fans, and vision!

We tailor our management strategies based on the needs of every client.

Music Industry

Service Offerings

  • Artist Brand Development + Imaging
  • Management + Consulting
  • Day-to-Day Administration
  • Digital Strategy
  • Production
  • Radio Promotion
  • Sales + Music Distribution
  • Marketing + Public Relations
  • Touring



Royalty Reigns Management is a high-society with an Elite Global Network of 25,000+ Powerful Celebrities, High-Profile Individuals, and Renowned Organizations.

In this section, we will showcase the artists who have invested in themselves and submitted their application with confidence.

Sir Khan

Recording Artist + Songwriter

Click here to listen to “Whatever It Takes”

(Available On All Platforms)

Artist Submissions

Music Intake And Review Process

Mischa Elise

Account Manager, Royalty Reigns Music

Do you have RAW Talent?

Although we are known for having a very selective client intake process, we are always interested in RAW talent!

We would love to hear from artists who are ready to:

  1. Take Control of Your Destiny
  2. Invest In Your Dream
  3. Break Through The Industry Clutter
  5. Partner with a renowned consultancy to gain a dedicated team of experts who will successfully manage your brand.
  6. Strategically market and publicize your next project!



Access the link below to submit your music, we charge a non-refundable rate of $275 to review your music, social media handles, current marketing, and public relations.


By submitting your music, you will secure the opportunity to present your work to Royalty Reigns Music, a team of experts who will provide artist consultations to discuss your brand and the required criteria needed for us partner with targeted A&R executives at major record labels on your behalf.

Royalty Reigns Music will provide guidance on the next steps of your career and present your music our partners to who can break you into the industry!

Due to a very high volume of submissions, please allow up to two weeks for a response and one of our Account Managers will contact you if we are interested in providing artist brand consultations or full-time management.

Please Be Advised: Your submission does not secure Royalty Reigns Management as the official management company of your music career.

Our Global

Music Partnerships

Royalty Reigns Music has over 150 partners across the globe!