The Invitation-Only

Black Label Membership Programs For Entertainment

A High-Class Society and Industry-Leading “Black Label” membership exclusively designed by the Billionaire Brand Consultant® of Royalty Reigns Management® to amplify, evolve, promote, and protect the brands of the Elect, Elite, and Prestigious!

Royalty Reigns Management, our entertainment members are highly respected and honored for their outstanding achievements in television, recording, film, and theater as they are proud recipients of the world’s most prestigious awards such as the Emmys, Oscars, Tonys, Golden Globe, BET, NAACP, Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, Producers Guild, and Writers Guild.

Royalty Reigns Black Label® membership is invite-only, however, you can review our brand management and governance programs and access the link to the “Discovery Application” listed below for immediate consideration:

Get Discovered!

For Agencies or Firms looking to partner with our consultancy to secure media placements on behalf of its clients, consider our White Label Membership program.

In need of immediate media coverage?  We offer exclusive, limited-time a la carte media programs.


Brand Management + Governance


At Royalty Reigns Management, we create the perfect harmony of innovation, creativity, people, technology, and the world’s greatest storytellers to drive culture, meaningful connections, and world transformation.

Our consultants are trusted to manage exceptional A-list celebrities, directors, producers, writers, artists, actors, hosts, spokespersons, comedians, and renowned brands in the entertainment industry. We guide their careers and work closely with them to maximize their careers and achieve their professional goals.

Member Benefits:

⟡ VIP & Red Carpet Events

⟡ Endorsements

⟡ Partnerships

⟡ Special Appearances

⟡ Speeches

⟡ Product Launches

⟡ Scandals

⟡ Public Trials

⟡ Congressional Hearings

⟡ Media Interviews

⟡ And more!

Television + Film Networks

We confidently pitch TV & Film ideas to GREENLIGHTERS!

Our TV and Film Network pitching is dedicated to supporting and promoting the talents of creative visionaries and storytellers. We are driven by a passion for excellence and our team is comprised of Emmy award-winning entertainment veterans who have been recognized by prestigious organizations such as SAG-AFTRA, Television Academy, Writers Guild of America, and Producer’s Guild. Our team has a wealth of experience working on projects for major networks such as Disney, Netflix, HBO, O.W.N, VH1, B.E.T, National Geographic, Discovery, and more, spanning a variety of genres including adventure, comedy, and reality television.

With our proprietary 7-step model, we consult and inspire the next generation of storytellers. Our division creates exceptional opportunities and delivers results for our clientele by producing innovative ideas and unique purpose-driven concepts across all media platforms. We orchestrate the highest level of alternative and scripted television, feature film, digital media, and social media deals for our clients – we are very fortunate to work with the high-quality and purpose-driven visionaries, content creators, and on-camera talent in the industry.

With confidence, we consult on core ideas, originality, clever titles, exploring stakes, character development, plots, captivating loglines, and insider presentation tips that our elite industry executives require and expect. We are sure to incorporate and avoid the “Dos and Dont’s” of successful Television and Film pitching. Our consultancy provides a deep understanding of the journey, packaging, and distribution.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Television & Film Treatments

⟡ Scriptwriting: Critiques and Development

⟡ Pitch Decks

⟡ Sizzle Reels: Critiques and Development

⟡ Market Analysis

⟡ Television Network Pitching

⟡ Strategic Partnerships