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As Billionaire Brands Consultants, the team at Royalty Reigns is trusted to deliver unparalleled results in the areas of business strategy, creative development, public relations, event planning, and social media management. With a focus on high-end matchmaking, business consulting, and creative strategy, our team of experts works tirelessly to bring together the collective genius of our in-house team and diverse network of partners to drive measurable results for our members.

Comprised of top business consultants, creative strategists, publicists, event planners, big-picture thinkers, and social media experts, our team is dedicated to delivering high-level quality control and global brand communication experiences that inform and persuade mass audiences to improve their quality of life through our members’ products and services.

At Royalty Reigns, our goal is to bring our collective expertise to the table and brainstorm to develop high-end campaign ideas that live across all campaign platforms. With a diverse team of all ages, we bring a fresh perspective and innovative approach to every campaign, ensuring that our members receive the best possible results. Trust us to elevate your brand and bring your vision to life.

Our globally-minded team operates in key regions around the world, including the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East, with a strong local presence in some of the world’s most influential cities. This includes New York City, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and the United Kingdom, where our team members work closely with clients to deliver personalized and impactful solutions. With this combination of local knowledge and global expertise, we are able to provide our clients with a comprehensive, coordinated approach to their business needs, and help them succeed on a global scale.

Kioka Tanksley

Founder & CEO

Kioka Tanksley is a renowned figure in the field of global brand consulting, known as the Billionaire Brand Consultant® and CEO of Royalty Royalty Reigns Management. She is trusted by and responsible for some of the world’s most successful billionaires and multibillion-dollar enterprises, overseeing billions in revenue, philanthropy, and market value. With over 1 billion media impressions Kioka is a leading voice in the Christian woman and entrepreneurship space and a highly sought-after speaker and media personality. She has been recognized by ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, MSNBC, Reuters, Kontrol Magazine, and many other prominent publications.

A self-made and purpose-driven woman of God, Kioka is a visionary, thought leader, motivational coach, and keynote speaker. She is the mastermind behind Royalty Reigns Billionaire Council®, a prestigious-invitation-only society, council, and global brand consultancy where “Royalty Reigns and the Distinguished Rise to Global Prominence!” – Exodus 15:18. The Billionaire Council is an upscale international community designed for the 1% and available to a limited number of members per year to join an elite global network of powerful tastemakers, like-minded individuals, and renowned organizations who share the same principles, standards, similar interests, and hail from exceptional socio-economic backgrounds.

The members of this society have achieved global recognition and prestigious awards in various industries, including television, recording, film, and theater. These awards include the Emmys, Oscars, Tonys, Golden Globe, BET, NAACP, Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, Producers Guild, and Writers Guild. They have also received recognition in the sports industry, such as the Masters, World Series, NBA, World Cup, Grand Slam, WNBA, Olympics, and WBC World Heavyweight. Additionally, her iconic artists have received recognition in the music industry, including the Grammys, Billboard, Britts, VMAs, International Classical Music, and World Music.

Kioka strategic counsel is considered a touch of royalty that curates global movements designed to raise local, regional, national, and international awareness. She positions the members of her society to achieve global impact, power, influence, authority, generational wealth, and legacy through her 7-step proprietary model. Her members are ultimately recognized as industry royalty in every aspect of their brand.

Kioka has worked with high-profile individuals and brands like Daniel Truett Cathy, Oprah Winfrey, Tyler Perry, Brookfield Asset Management, Givenchy, Armani Hotel, Air Partner, Chanel, Gucci, Rolex, Olay, Avon, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), FOX Broadcasting, Atlanta International Airport, Brooks Brothers, ExOfficio, MAC, Michael Kors, Patricia Nash, Sean John, SPANX, Tumi, XpressSpa, iTunes, Roc Nation, Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association, and more.

Kioka’s prestigious invitation-only society and global brand consultancy is headquartered in New York City with offices in Atlanta, Los Angeles, and the United Kingdom. She is a member of the AAE speaker’s bureau and is available for long-term brand partnerships, TV and radio appearances, live and virtual event hosting, public speaking, workshops, sponsored posts and videos, product reviews, giveaways, and consulting. With her expertise, sophistication, and unique prophetic ability to envision the unforeseen, Kioka Tanksley is the ultimate choice for any individual or organization looking to elevate their brand to the next level.

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James Edward

Chief Marketing Officer

As the Chief Marketing Officer of Royalty Reigns Management, James is a dynamic and experienced leader with a passion for creating and executing marketing and communication strategies that drive results. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in the field, she brings together a diverse range of teams, including product management, vertical marketing, product marketing, and sales, to ensure that all marketing initiatives are aligned with the organization’s overall goals and objectives.

James’ unwavering commitment to excellence and his ability to effectively communicate and motivate cross-functional teams has made her an invaluable asset to the organization. He has a proven track record of leading successful marketing programs and ensuring that the brand story and message of the organization are communicated effectively to the public.

As a trusted consultant, James brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to quality to every project he leads. With her deep understanding of the marketing and communications landscape, he is able to develop innovative and effective strategies that help organizations to achieve their goals and succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. Whether he is working with internal teams or coordinating with external resources, James always delivers results that are both measurable and impactful.

Melody Byrd

Executive Assistant

As a seasoned executive assistant, Melody is highly skilled in managing complex schedules, coordinating meetings and events, and handling confidential information with the utmost discretion. She is a proactive problem-solver who excels at anticipating and resolving potential issues before they arise, allowing the President and CEO to focus on key business initiatives and priorities.

With her extensive experience in production, entertainment, and talent management, Melody brings a unique perspective and creativity to her role as Executive Assistant. She is an excellent communicator and adept at managing relationships with a wide range of stakeholders, including Board of Directors, Senior Leadership Team, and external partners.

Melody’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail has earned her a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy professional. She plays a critical role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the President and CEO’s office, enabling the organization to achieve its goals and mission.

William Malone'

Chief Financial Officer

William holds a Master’s degree in Accounting and has over 20 years of experience in financial management, providing expert guidance and innovative solutions to organizations in a variety of industries. His comprehensive knowledge of financial processes and systems, combined with her commitment to ensuring that all operations are managed efficiently, has helped to establish Royalty Reigns Management as a leading provider of top-quality business services.

At Royalty Reigns Management, William leverages her extensive expertise to create and execute strategies for financial success, working closely with all departments to ensure that the company’s financial goals are met and that the financial systems and processes are robust and effective. His commitment to accountability, transparency, and innovation is unwavering and has earned her recognition and respect both within the company and in the industry.

As the key financial advisor to the President and CEO, William plays an instrumental role in making informed business decisions, driving growth and profitability, and setting the foundation for long-term success for the consultancy.

Ian Morgan

Corporate Sponsorships Director

As the Strategic Partnerships Director, Ian brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. With over 15 years of international sales experience, he has honed his skills in generating revenue through branded content partnerships and sponsorship opportunities with global brands and agencies across the US and UK.

Ian has a proven track record of success in developing and maintaining business relationships and creating policies that allow partnerships to thrive. He is adept at identifying opportunities for new partnerships and strengthening existing relationships and collaborations, ensuring that our members receive the highest level of support and return on investment.

In his role as Strategic Partnerships Director, Ian plays a critical role in helping our members achieve their goals and reach their full potential through targeted and effective partnerships. His deep understanding of the branded entertainment landscape and expertise in sales make him an invaluable asset to the consultancy and a key player in driving growth and success for our members.

Elicia Khan

Senior Celebrity and VIP Relations Manager

As a highly skilled and visionary Brand Manager, Elicia excels at driving growth and maximizing the potential of celebrity and VIP brands. With her exceptional ability to lead and manage relationships with global licensees, Elicia is dedicated to ensuring the seamless execution of brand visions and strategies that drive financial success. Her experience in the industry, combined with her ability to think creatively and drive results, makes her a valuable asset to the Celebrity and VIP Relations team.

In her role, Elicia not only manages and guides the direction of a diverse portfolio of celebrity brands, but she also utilizes her expertise in brand management and marketing to effectively communicate the unique values and qualities of each brand to the global market. With her keen eye for detail and ability to think strategically, Elicia ensures that all partners and licensees are equipped and prepared to deliver on the brand vision and meet financial targets.

Elicia’s passion for the industry, combined with her drive for excellence, has resulted in her consistently delivering successful outcomes for her clients and their brands. Whether working with emerging talent or established icons, Elicia’s commitment to elevating the profile of her clients and ensuring their continued success is unwavering.

Andrea Santiago

Senior Publicist

As a seasoned PR and Communications professional, Rebecca has been a driving force behind the success of many organizations, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to start-ups across a wide range of industries, including lifestyle, entertainment, non-profit, food & beverage, retail, travel & hospitality, and more. With 15 years of experience in the field, Rebecca has a proven track record of creating impactful communications strategies that build brand awareness and drive engagement.

Rebecca is an expert at media relations, crisis management, and event planning, having successfully executed numerous high-profile campaigns and initiatives. She is also an exceptional writer, with a keen eye for detail and the ability to craft compelling messaging that resonates with target audiences.

In addition to her PR and Communications skills, Rebecca is a strategic thinker and problem solver who is always looking for innovative ways to drive results. She is a natural leader who inspires her team to work together to achieve common goals, and she has a reputation for building strong, long-lasting relationships with members and stakeholders.

Whether working with large corporations or start-ups, Rebecca is always dedicated to delivering results that exceed expectations. She is passionate about her work and takes pride in helping her clients succeed, making her an invaluable asset to any organization looking to build a strong reputation and drive growth through effective PR and Communications.

Kimberly White

Senior Marketing Strategist

Kim is a seasoned Brand Marketing Strategist with a proven track record of developing and executing effective marketing programs and strategies. With over 15 years of experience in the industry, she has a deep understanding of various business needs and has worked with organizations across a range of industries, including lifestyle, entertainment, non-profit, food & beverage, retail, travel & hospitality, and more.

As a strategic thinker, Kim is highly skilled in aligning marketing initiatives with business objectives to drive growth and revenue. She is adept at conducting market research, analyzing consumer behavior, and using data-driven insights to inform marketing strategies. Her ability to translate complex data into actionable insights makes her a valuable member of any marketing team.

Kim is responsible for leading the development and implementation of marketing programs and strategies, and she works closely with cross-functional teams to ensure that all initiatives are executed effectively. She is a strong communicator and a skilled collaborator who is able to build strong relationships with stakeholders, both internally and externally.

Throughout her career, Kim has demonstrated a commitment to driving results and delivering measurable outcomes. She is dedicated to staying on top of industry trends and best practices and is constantly seeking new ways to innovate and improve the marketing programs she oversees. Her passion for marketing and drive for success make her a valuable asset to our organization.

Md Ashik

Website Designer

As a seasoned website designer and developer, Md Ashik possesses over 10 years of expertise in the industry. With a wide range of experience in various industries, such as lifestyle, entertainment, real estate, corporate, education, retail, magazine, technology, politics, and start-ups, he has established a reputation for delivering reliable and innovative solutions.

His extensive knowledge of different technologies, including WordPress, Custom Coding, Front-End Design, and Graphic Design, enables him to offer a comprehensive suite of services that caters to the diverse needs of his clients. His creative approach, combined with a passion for delivering results, has earned him the trust of over 1000+ clients and 800+ students worldwide.

As a professional designer and mentor, Ashik’s commitment to his clients extends beyond delivering high-quality products and services. He values building long-term relationships and provides guidance and support to ensure that our members continue to grow and succeed in their respective industries.

This is a limited overview, as we have a global team in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Oceania, and the Middle East.