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Billionaire Council®

The Prestigious-Invitation-Only

Billionaire Council

The Secret-Society “Billionaire Council” exclusively designed by the Billionaire Brand Consultant® of Royalty Reigns Management® for the Elect, Elite, and Prestigious!

We. Are. The Upper Echelon! 

The World’s Only Billionaire Council, Preeminent Society, and Elite Global Network of 25,000+ designed to globally serve the brands, careers, and lifestyles of the Upper Echelon.

Royalty Reigns Management is a global leader in the premium brand consulting market with a mission to shape the industry and our clientele’s quality of life through innovation, value, and high-end service. We believe the Royalty Reigns Billionaire Brand Council® offers first-class benefits for the world’s most prestigious and iconic brands.

Royalty Reigns Billionaire Council® is the world’s secret-invitation-only high society and preeminent council for the Upper Echelon and the only of its kind, which is unique to the communications industry. The Billionaire Council is a luxurious and upscale approach to exclusively selected, tailored, personalized, and discreet introductions for a high-standard brand, reputation, and lifestyle management, as well as elite matchmaking for high-profile individuals and organizations. For 25+ years, our Billionaire Brand Consultants® has worked on behalf of and with respected, high-profile, and successful Forbes billionaires, nobility, celebrities, CEOs, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, sports entertainment industry moguls, real estate developers, hedge fund managers, incredibly wealthy commitment-minded professionals, and renowned organizations across the globe. 

The Royalty Reigns Billionaire Brand Council® is the only upscale, strict, high-level, very selective, international, and global results-driven community for Royalty, those who demand only the best of what life has to offer. The council is not for everyone! It is designed for the 1% and available to a limited number of members per year to apply, meet, partner, and spend time with an elite global network of powerful tastemakers, like-minded individuals, and renowned organizations who share our principles, standards, similar interests, and hail from exceptional socio-economic backgrounds. We work collaboratively across key geographies and industries such as media, fashion, entertainment, sports, business, and technology with several luxury lifestyle partners – to support yours! 

Royalty Reigns Billionaire Brand Council® is invite-only, however, you can access the application listed below for immediate consideration if you:

  • Wish to join Royalty Reigns Management’s Elite Global Network and no longer want to wait for an exclusive invitation
  • Meet the Eligibility Requirements
  • Want Access to More Information
  • Urgently seek Crisis Management and Damage Control consulting due to a recent traumatic event
  • Desire Representation or Team Integration

Billionaire Council

Members Receive Access To

  • Royalty Reigns Management’s Prestigious Society and Elite Global Network of 25,000+ Powerful Celebrities, High-Profile Individuals, and Renowned Organizations
  • High-End Matchmaking
  • V.I.P Membership – Exclusive Events & Partnerships
  • Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
  • And more!

The Royalty Reigns Billionaire Brand Council® is a secret society, we will not publicly share all information.

However, you can fill out an application for consideration and access to more information.



  • Based on the information you provide; our selection committee will evaluate your initial application for membership. Expect a response to your submission within 2-4 business days.

  • To apply, you must be a senior-level executive at a company that meets the following minimum criteria:

Business Requirements

  • generates a minimum of $1B USD in revenue, or…
  • has a minimum of $1B USD in financing
  • for Nonprofit Council applicants, the minimum annual revenue requirement is $500M

Individual Requirements 

  • personal net worth of $500M to $1B USD
  • senior-level executives who will represent and/or act on behalf of a company that meets the criteria of $1B USD in annual revenue 

If you meet our requirements and would like to apply, please fill out the information below. 

The information you provide will ONLY be shared with our internal membership-selection committee.

Please note: Meeting the criteria listed above does not guarantee acceptance.

Billionaire Council

Application Form

Once approved, all members are subject to initiation and annual fees.
The council is a secret society, we will not publicly share all information. However, by disclosing your primary reason for applying, you will be considered for membership and access to more information.
Please let us know if you are interested submitting a personal or corporate application.
You must be a senior-level executive of a corporate enterprise to qualify for membership.
It is imperative to disclose the financials within the last 12 months for consideration and further review.
Please disclose your personal or marketing budget for elite matchmaking, representation, seamless team integration for marketing support, sponsorship or partnership sourcing, etc.