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The Prestigious-Invitation-Only

Billionaire Council

The Secret-Society “Billionaire Council” exclusively designed by the Billionaire Brand Consultant® of Royalty Reigns Management® for the world’s most powerful individuals, brands, and information.

Royalty Reigns Billionaire Council® is an invitation-only society and preeminent council for the world’s wealthiest individuals, families, and brands who pledge and dedicate their wealth to charitable causes, global impact, generational wealth, and legacy.

The Billionaire Council® is a global, highly selective, and results-driven community for the 1%, respected, high-profile, and successful nobility, billionaires, governments, religious institutions, heads of state, societal leadership, celebrities, prominent executives, and renowned organizations, incredibly wealthy commitment-minded professionals, and renowned organizations across the globe.

Royalty Reigns Billionaire Council® is invite-only, however, you can review a very high level overview of the council, then access the link to the “Discovery Application” listed below for immediate consideration:

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Billionaire Council

Global Impact

Philanthropy + Charity

We set the global standard for philanthropy!

Our members are devoted to philanthropy and charitable causes that align with their personal beliefs and values. We understand that no two individuals are alike—our council members have specific goals and wish to accomplish them in their lifetime.

At Royalty Reigns Management, we work with our members to develop philanthropic strategies that align with their values and goals, identify impactful opportunities and make grants to high-performing charitable organizations across the world.

We trusted partners to our members and families across a wide range of initiatives.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Global Sustainable Economic Development

⟡ Human Rights

⟡ Education

⟡ Health

⟡ Agriculture

⟡ Technology

⟡ Arts + Culture

⟡ Corporate Social Responsibility

Government + HNW Introductions

As a global leader in the introduction of government officials and high net-worth individuals around the world, we work closely with our members to identify key contacts in the governments that are of interest to them. We then leverage our powerful connections within the industry through our elite global network of 25,000+ to establish meetings with these officials in order for our members to learn vital information on business and investment opportunities available in the country.

Royalty Reigns Management fosters longstanding partnerships to introduce our members to unique investment opportunities available through the government offices and public companies from which we can acquire large stakes with no dilution of ownership.

Our approach is to work directly with the decision-makers in each country to ensure we are well-informed regarding the latest policies governing the acquisition of equity stakes by foreign individuals and entities and to ensure our members take advantage of these opportunities when announced.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Become strategic partners with a wide range of government stakeholders and HNW individuals to meet at different levels of seniority including heads of state, ministers, governors, senior civil servants, C-Level executives, and more.

⟡ Join one-on-one meetings, think tanks, and roundtable discussions with relevant government officials from various industries.

⟡ Access to a variety of local and international funds and investment vehicles that are best suited to meet the needs of members.

⟡ Increased visibility for your country within the global market.

⟡ International networking opportunities to establish and maintain strong diplomatic relationships with other countries is a vital part of any country’s foreign policy.

⟡ Establish relationships with governments that can result in strategic business alliances.

⟡ Attend prominent and high-profile industry events to establish relationships with top decision-makers.

⟡ Leverage and position brands as a leader in the industry while increasing member profiles within the market.

⟡ Introductions to government officials in Africa, the Middle East or Asia.

Foundation Development + Management

Our consultants partner with the wealthiest individuals and families in the world start their own foundation to build generational wealth and legacy.

Foundations have the power to create lasting change and impact for generations. By managing funds wisely, we can help them make a difference in the world.

Member Benefits:

⟡ Raise Capital from key constituents such as founders and their families, board members, and community stakeholders

⟡ Administer Grants and Scholarships

⟡ Create positive social impact by funding organizations doing extraordinary work in education, health, and more.

⟡ Build and strengthen their brand through relevant communications and marketing initiatives

⟡ Engage their key stakeholders with meaningful experiences that further their organizational mission and vision.

⟡ Manage a unique and sustainable culture that aligns with the organization’s values and supports strategic objectives.