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The Royal Touch

7-Step Global Brand Methodology

No matter where you are in your brand’s journey, Royalty Reigns Management has creative solutions to amplify, evolve, promote, and protect your brand.

We employ a proprietary 7-step process, informed by best practices in creative ideation and project management, to efficiently and effectively take our clients’ brands to the next level.



How do I become a member of Royalty Reigns Management?
Our society is invite-only, however, you can nominate yourself or another individual for membership. Additionally, you can apply to our “Membership Discovery Application “process to be considered for membership. The application process includes an assessment of your qualifications and adherence to our strict code of ethics.

How does membership benefit my media presence?

As a member, you will have access to our elite global network and media alliance, which includes opportunities for media placements in top tier outlets such as Vogue, Forbes, The New York Times, and more. Additionally, our society has a strict code of ethics, which ensures that our members are represented in a positive and reputable light.

What is the application process for discovery application?
The discovery application process includes a review of your qualifications, adherence to our strict code of ethics, and an assessment of your potential fit within the society. If selected, you will be invited to complete a membership application and go through an interview process with one of our team members.

Can I nominate someone for membership?

Yes, but we prefer exisiting members to nominate potential members. However, you can nominate someone for membership. If you believe anindiviual, entertpirise, brand or evenyourself would be a valuable addition to our society, please submit a nomination through the “”Membership Nomintaion Application “. Our team will review the nomination and reach out to the nominee if they meet the criteria for membership.


At Royalty Reigns Managment, our society represents nobility, billionaires, governments, religious institutions, heads of state, societal leadership, celebrities, prominent executives, and renowned organizations. We govern members in the television, recording, film, theater, sports, and music industries. Our members have received recognition in the form of prestigious awards such as the Emmys, Oscars, Tonys, Golden Globe, BET, NAACP, Screen Actors Guild, Directors Guild, Producers Guild, and Writers Guild as well as the Masters, World Series, NBA, World Cup, Grand Slam, WNBA, Olympics, and WBC World Heavyweight. Our iconic artists are also recipients of the music industry’s most prestigious awards: the Grammys, Billboard, Britts, VMAs, International Classical Music, and World Music.

In addition, we provide strategic counsel to various brands which include but are not limited to luxury, lifestyle, finance, health, non-profit, technology, and more.


The benefits of membership include joining a prestigious society of like-minded and distinguished professionals who glorify God, access to our elite global network and media alliance, opportunities for philanthropy, and global media campaign recognition. Our members also adhere to a strict code of ethics and are recognized for their outstanding achievements in their respective industires.

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Can I get in Forbes, Good Morning America, or a major publication now?

It’s important to understand that getting featured in major publications like Forbes, Good Morning America, or other top-tier media outlets is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It may not be the best fit for your specific campaign or brand goals. Our team will work with you to assess your needs and determine the best course of action for achieving your desired level of media coverage. We have a wide range of options available, including Tier 1 placements, and can help you select the most effective strategy for your brand. While we have and elite global network and direct partners with a column at Forbes, getting featured in major publications depends on various factors including timing, relevance, and competition.

When can I expect to see campaign results?

Depending on the publication, it can take anywhere from 4-12 weeks to secure a placement, and in some cases even longer. It’s important to keep in mind that the timeline for each campaign may vary and is dependent on a number of factors, including the publication’s editorial calendar, the competition for media placements, and the complexity of the story.

Additionally, it’s important to note that the results of your campaign may not be immediate. Building a strong, positive reputation takes time and effort, and it may take several months before you start to see a noticeable impact on your business. However, with our elite global network and media alliance, we are committed to working with you to achieve your PR goals and to help your brand reach new heights of success and prestige.

What are the ETAS & Timeframes?

Please note that these are estimated timeframes and may vary depending on the specific campaign, the client’s industry and niche, and the current media landscape. Additionally, the timeframe for securing a placement also depends on the client’s availability and responsiveness to our team’s requests for information and assets. It is important to have realistic expectations and understand that building a successful PR campaign takes time and effort. Our team will work closely with you to ensure that your campaign is on track and that we are doing everything possible to secure the media placements you desire.

Estimated timeframes for different types of media placements:

  • Mainstream/Tier 1 Publicity: 3-6 months
  • Local PR: 6-8 weeks
  • Influencer Promotions: 4-6 weeks
  • Thought Leadership/Industry Publicity: 6-12 weeks
  • PR for SEO/Guest Posts: 4-6 weeks
How do you measure results for the campaign?

We track the overall ROI for the campaign, taking into account the time and resources invested, as well as the overall impact on brand awareness and lead generation. We will provide you with regular progress reports, and conduct a comprehensive analysis of the campaign’s performance after it is completed to determine what worked well, and what areas we can improve for future campaigns. Reporting includes engagement metrics such as likes, comments, and clicks on the placements. We also measure the increase in website traffic and brand mentions through analytics tools, and track the overall impact on sales and revenue. Additionally, we conduct surveys and gather feedback from customers and stakeholders to gauge the effectiveness of the campaign. Overall, we use a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods to measure the results of the campaign and ensure it meets the established objectives and goals.

Elite Global Network + Media Alliance Partnerships

The secret to global media coverage and success is our elite global network and media alliance, we foster genuine relationships with key media contacts, reporters, editors and bloggers. We never mass pitch nor spam our media partners with press releases because we share similar values, interests, and preferences to meet their business and career goals.

How Does Media Relations Benefit Your Brand?

Every PR campaign is different, and most campaigns have different objectives. However, here are some of the benefits we see most frequently: brand credibility and third party validation (having someone else write about how awesome your business is, is so much more believable than you bragging about it yourself), increased sales conversions, an increase in website traffic, and becoming the most sought after brand or thought-leader in your industry.

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A La Carte Media Coverage


What is Guaranteed A la Carte Media Coverage?

It is a service offered by Royalty Reigns Management, an invite-only society dedicated to helping businesses, public figures, and individuals establish credibility and authenticity on social media platforms. The service guarantees media placement for clients through our elite global network and media alliance, and includes article/interview writing and guest post publishing on premium online publications.

What is included in the Guaranteed A la Carte Media Coverage?

The service includes a written article or interview tailored to your specific needs (with 2 revisions), publishing on a premium online publication with high domain authority, a permanent backlink to your website if eligible based on the publication, SEO keywords included in the article, 1-2 media assets included in the article or feature, and the opportunity for Google News Indexing.

Will I be considered a member if I purchase A la Carte Media?

No, A la carte press coverage and media relations is a one-time fee and alternative to those who are not members but are considered clients. However, you do not have the permission to state you are a member of our society and we represent you as a consultancy.

What are the niche acceptance guidelines for A la Carte Media?
We only accept niche topics specific to each publication, this includes: Business, Entertainment (including Artists, Influencers or Social Media Personalities), Music, Hip Hop, Lifestyle, Science, Technology, Health, Finance, Law, Cryptocurrency, etc. For example, if it is a business only publication, we will not publish an article with the focus on entertainment or vice versa.

What is the process for Guaranteed A la Carte Media Coverage?

Locate the “Exclusives” on our website

Access the list of tier 1 and premium a la carte placements for your desired publication

Select the publication you wish to be featured in, purchase the service, and submit your information for the article.

Our team will then work with you to tailor the written article or interview to your specific needs, with 2 revisions included.

Allow up to two weeks for the article to be written, published, and indexed on Google News (if eligible)

⟡ One of our consultants will send you a confirmation email and link to the published feature. 

What Publications Are Included in the Guaranteed A la Carte Media Placements?

Hype Magazine, Zee News, Times Business, Tech Times, New York Wire, LA Progressive, The Village Voice, Live Mint, Deccan Herald, New York Weekly, LA Weekly, The Week, Mid-Day, The Goodmen Project, Launt Magazine, The Source Magazine, Hip Hop Weekly, All Hip Hop, and Kivo Daily.

What Are the Benefits of Guaranteed A la Carte Media Placements?

We guarantee media placements in a premium online publication with high domain authority. This service includes article or interview writing tailored to your specific needs with up to two revisions, permanent backlink to your website if eligible, SEO keywords included in the article, and the inclusion of 1-2 media assets such as images or infographics in the feature. Additionally, this service can elevate your chances of social media verification and drive more traffic and generate leads to your website. You will also have exclusive access to our elite global network and media alliance, boosting your brand reputation, credibility, and authenticity. Furthermore, this service is effective for Google knowledge panel and No Contract or long term commitment, and eligible for a complimentary social media verification consultation after a minimum purchase of three a la carte press coverage and media placements.

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Social Media



What is Social Media Verification?
Social media verification is the process of getting a verified badge on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, and Tiktok. A verified badge helps to establish the authenticity of an account and increases the visibility of the account to a larger audience.

What are the requirements for social media verification?

To be eligible for social media verification through Royalty Reigns Management, clients must be members of nobility, billionaires, governments, religious institutions, heads of state, societal leadership, celebrities, prominent executives, and renowned organizations. Additionally, we offer a social media consultation for clients who have purchased a minimum of three a la carte media placements, which can help increase the chances of getting verified.

How long does the social media verification process take?

The social media verification process can vary depending on the specific platform and the volume of verification requests being processed. However, our agency’s elite global network and media alliance help us to secure press coverage on high-domain authority publications.

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