Frequently Asked Questions

The Royal Touch

5-Step Brand Methodology

No matter where you are in your brand’s journey, Royalty Reigns Management has creative solutions to amplify, evolve, promote, and protect your brand.

We employ a proprietary 5-step process, informed by best practices in creative ideation and project management, to efficiently and effectively take our clients’ brands to the next level.



Can I get in Forbes, Good Morning America, or a major publication now?

We know you want to instantly Reign in your industry! Trust us, getting mentioned in well-known and major media is everyone’s goal. Fortunately, we have the connections to make it happen (we have direct partners with a column at Forbes). However, going after Tier 1 publicity does not make sense for every campaign, nor will it completely transform your brand.

When can I expect to see campaign results?

We understand you’re excited to get publicity, but remember, getting positive press for your brand is a process. Hundreds of thousands of business owners and marketers pitch reporters everyday, and it takes time to cut through all the noise and get your story in front of the right people.

With that in mind, we do have some guidelines to help set the right expectations for your campaign. Most of our PR clients start to see the media’s interest within 3-4 weeks. This does not mean you’ll receive your placements by then; its just that we should start to see some interest by this point.

What are the ETAS & Timeframes?
Estimated timeframes for different types of media placements:

  • Mainstream/Tier 1 publicity: 3-6 months; for most campaigns, the process for securing mainstream publicity can take several months.
  • Local PR: 6-8 weeks
  • Influencer promotions: 4-6 weeks
  • Thought leadership/industry publicity: 6-12 weeks
  • PR for SEO/Guest Posts: 4-6 weeks
How do you measure results for the campaign?

We set campaign objectives, and a specific set of goals (or deliverables) for your campaign before it is launched. Every time we exceed those goals, we consider the campaign a success! In addition to those benchmarks, we also measure the efficacy of the placements by tracking estimated number of story views, total social shares, etc.

Our PR Process & Media Partnerships

The secret to our PR success is in building genuine relationships with key media contacts, reporters, editors and bloggers. We never mass pitch nor spam our media partners with press releases.

To get a better understanding of PR & Media Relations success, visit our blog.

How Does Media Relations Benefit Your Brand?

Every PR campaign is different, and most campaigns have different objectives. However, here are some of the benefits we see most frequently: brand credibility and third party validation (having someone else write about how awesome your business is, is so much more believable than you bragging about it yourself), increased sales conversions, an increase in website traffic, and becoming the most sought after brand or thought-leader in your industry.

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