Royalty Reigns

V.I.P Applications + Consultations

Welcome to Royalty Reigns Management’s Membership Application Page. We are an exclusive, invitation-only society committed to fostering inclusivity and diversity among all members. Our community is comprised of individuals and enterprises who share our values and mission of excellence, innovation, and leadership.

For Potential New Members:

Although our application process is highly selective, we welcome all applications from individuals and enterprises who share our values and mission. If you are interested in joining our exclusive community, we invite you to complete a membership discovery application for consideration. By becoming a member of our society, you can secure exclusive membership among the distinguished at our prestigious society and leverage a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to rise to global prominence and reach your greatest potential.

As a potential member, you will have access to our global capabilities deck featuring Billionaire and High-profile case histories that showcase the trust and confidence they have in our society. Bare in mind,  the case histories are not a reflection of the full scope of our services or a guarantee of results as they vary among each member.

For Existing Members:

If you are an existing member of our community and would like to nominate an individual or enterprise for membership consideration, complete the nomination form to start the nomination and referral process. If you know someone who you believe would be a great fit for our community, we encourage you to nominate them for membership. Please fill out the nomination form, and our team will review your submission.

Additionally, as an existing member, you can book a consultation with our team to discuss your brand and explore the various benefits of membership. Furthermore, existing members can schedule a consultation that fits their needs.

Should you require reasonable accommodation when completing the application form or during the selection process, membership benefits, or have additional inquiries related to our society, please book a Virtual Soirée or contact the Society Advancement and Membership Relations Department at 347-815-3737 for immediate consideration or urgent requests.

For general inquires, please consider the FAQs page as well. 

We take the privacy and confidentiality of our members seriously. Information provided on each application will be kept confidential and only be shared with those involved in the selection process.