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Royalty Reigns Management is a global integrated marketing communications and media relations consultancy amplifying the world’s renowned celebrities and household brands.

We are Billionaire Brand Consultants® whose clientele reign in the Luxury Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Sports industries. Our expertise and ability to deliver communications excellence through global reach, local awareness, and trusted partnerships are what make our brand eminent and high in demand

Our brand management consultancy provides marketing communications solutions for Celebrities, Public-Figures, venture-backed startups, Fortune 500 companies and other prominent brands like Sephora, The Atlanta Braves, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Google, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), Fox Broadcasting, MYX Fusions Moscato, Atlanta International Airport,  Monami Entertainment and more!

Our Specialities

Integrated Marketing and Media Relations

Our media relationships and fully integrated marketing communications campaigns position our clients to continuously REIGN! 

As Billionaire Brand Consultants®, we are known for executing innovative campaign strategies that have been proven successful for highnet-worth individuals and brands.

Royalty Reigns Management’s integrated marketing and media relations expertise creates a quiet revolution that successfully engages female, multicultural, and high-net-worth consumers, generates billions in market value, establishes on-brand partnerships, and secures top tier media coverage to maintain our client’s level of prestige worldwide.

Our diverse team of experts are creative storytellers who strategically identify the right angles to define your brand story, articulate your vision, maximize exposure, and drive its narrative forward. We speak the language to best market our client’s brand to consumers on an international, national, local, or regional level. 

If you are in the market for a global marketing consultancy, we will get your message across the world with trusted representatives and partnerships!

The Billionaire Brand Consultants® of Royalty Reigns Management partner with elite organizations, Forbes Agency Council members, and a global communications network who shares our principles and standards as we work collaboratively across key geographies to execute our client’s go-to-market strategies.

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Royalty Reigns Management Features

The Royal Hustle

Our Approach

The power of art, science, and our approach garner rewarding results.

Our clients are highly-mentioned, tweeted-about, followed, and preferred over their competitors!  

We provide strategic counsel and implementation across a full scope of services that collectively work together to assess your brand’s strengths and weaknesses, identify your most stubborn challenges, refine your message, and amplify your vision to intercept your targeted consumer deliberately.

Royalty Reigns Management creates an immersive experience for brands and their publics. Our campaign strategies are a perfect blend of art and science which are designed to reach, inspire, engage, and build organic amplification

Our consultancy increases brand visibility, builds powerful connections across multiple channels, and delivers engaging brand marketing solutions with measurable results. Consider us an extension of your team, and experts who will achieve your short and long term goals through key messaging, brand positioning, integrated marketing, media placements, events, partnerships, and high-visibility collaborations.

Royalty Reigns Management’s leadership team has more than 25 years of experience in brand activation, experiential marketing, events, public and media relations, advertising, creative content, graphic design, crisis communications, video storytelling, and more.

Our Promise


We promise to be one of the world’s leading brand management consultancies representing Celebrities and the most prestigious organizations with results-driven integrated marketing communications programs that best convey our client’s brand story to raise awareness, engage female, multicultural, and high-end consumers, generate high market value, while increasing brand loyalty to maintain their level of prestige. 

It's no secret that strong, clearly-defined brands enjoy greater customer loyalty, sales, and profitability than their competitors. When you want a cola, you ask for a Coke. When you send a package, you FedEx it. When you search the internet, you Google. These are the intangible assets that set apart the most prestigious brands. The value of your brand is limitless, let us make your brand as solid as gold.

Kioka Tanksley, the Billionaire Brand Consultant® and CEO of Royalty Reigns Management

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We Elevate

New And Emerging Brands

In addition to managing significant brands, we break industry protocols to empower the community!

We have expanded our consultancy to diligently impart our brand marketing and public relations expertise to new and emerging brands who desire to launch, relaunch, or gain momentum in their brand marketing efforts. 

Our consulting services include Hourly Strategy Consultations, E-Learning Courses via The Billionaire Brand Academy®, Royalty Reigns Membership Program®, Books, and additional resources.

However, to maintain our caliber of managing the world’s renowned brands, we have a very selective intake process for brands aside from our primary clientele. On occasion, we will select new to emerging brands for hourly consultations or management. As we only partner with those who are the right fit for our services and believe we are the only consultancy capable of taking their careers and business brands to the highest level.

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We’d love to keep you informed on the latest Brand Marketing Strategies and PR trends. 

For starters, lets dive into a guaranteed way to leverage the media to secure the cover of a highly-sought after magazine like Kim & Kanye!

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We proudly showcase our clients as they range from highly established brands to emerging and new business ventures.