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Royalty Reigns Management is a global integrated marketing communications and media relations consultancy amplifying Celebrities and the world’s most Prestigious Brands through paid, earned, and organic media.

We are Billionaire Brand Consultants® who manage and partner with celebrities, renowned organizations, and emerging businesses to evolve, promote, and protect their brands as they reign in the Luxury, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Sports industries. Our team delivers world-class communications strategies through an integrated network and Royal approach as we think globally in everything we touch!

Royalty Reigns Management delivers powerful ideals, magnetic stories, and luxury communications strategies that transform culture and spark movements for Celebrities, Public-Figures, venture-backed startups, Fortune 500 companies and prestigious brands like Brookfield Asset Management, Givenchy, Armani Hotel, Air Partner, Chanel, Gucci, Rolex, Olay, Avon, OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network), FOX Broadcasting, Atlanta International Airport, iTunes, Roc Nation, Major League Baseball, National Football League, National Basketball Association and more!

Our Signature

Communications Programs

We deliver brand marketing excellence through our signature communications programs!

Whether it’s luxury food, travel and wine experiences, press conferences, VIP and celebrity management, red carpet events, high-end fashion showcases, luxury-brand corporate trips, destination weddings, and luxury real estate; we are driven by providing our clients with the best-in-industry integrated marketing experiences through our luxury a la carte “Black Label” and “White Label” communications programs.

We create an immersive experience for brands to reach, inspire, engage, and build organic amplification.

At Royalty Reigns Management, our team has over 25 years of experience in consumer lifestyle, luxury, entertainment, and sports marketing. The luxury “Black Label” and “White Label” communications programs are an upscale and tailored integrated marketing experience for our clients. Our world-class integrated marketing strategies are the perfect blend of art and science, which unites our expertise in brand activation, experiential marketing, events, PR, media relations, advertising, creative content, graphic design, and media buying. Through the programs, we create powerful ideas, magnetic brand stories, connect our clients to their audiences across multiple platforms, amplify their vision to deliberately intercept targeted consumers, increase brand visibility, build powerful media partnerships, and deliver engaging brand marketing solutions with measurable results.

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Royalty Reigns Management Features

The Royal


Our Royal Approach is global; it’s what makes our clients highly sought after, tweeted-about, frequently mentioned in major media outlets, followed, and preferred over their competitors!  

We implement global and results-driven integrated marketing communications programs. Royalty Reigns Management’s programs create a quiet revolution, raise awareness, translate across cultures and borders, generate billions or high market value, secure top tier media coverage, partnerships, and high-visibility collaborations that best showcase our client’s talent, products, and services while maintaining their level of prestige worldwide. 

Whether you’re an emerging or global brand, our team has industry-leading campaign solutions just for you!

We are driven by our best-in-industry programs and an elite global network of like-minded contacts who shares our principles and standards as we work collaboratively across key geographies to execute our client’s go-to-market strategies.

Our Promise

Beliefs and Reign

We promise to provide media relations counsel and strategic marketing communications to evolve, promote, and protect celebrities, prestigious organizations, and emerging brands as they reign in the Luxury, Lifestyle, Entertainment, and Sports industries.

This promise is what makes our clients and consultancy eminent and high in demand!

We are known for the creation of our signature-communications programs, respected for our innovation and expertise, valued for our discretion, chosen for our royal approach.

Our clients are Royalty, and they believe we are as well, and together we reign.

Stand in the “Reign” with us!

“Shots Fired” screening tour, see One/35 Case History.

It's no secret the greatest Celebrities and Brands indulge in the luxury of customer loyalty, sales, and profitability above their competitors. This is achieved by a dedicated team of brand marketing and media relations experts who delight themselves in expressing their unique talents, products, or services to the world! At Royalty Reigns Management, we turn brands into verbs! When you want a handbag, you ask for a Chanel. When you send a package, you FedEx it. When you search the internet, you Google. These are the intangible assets that set apart the most prestigious brands. The value of your brand is Royalty, and it deserves to REIGN!

Kioka Tanksley, the Billionaire Brand Consultant® and CEO of Royalty Reigns Management

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We’d love to keep you informed on the latest Brand Marketing Strategies and PR trends. 

For starters, let’s dive into a guaranteed way to leverage the media to secure the cover of a highly-sought-after magazine like Kim & Kanye!

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Brands Who Reign

We proudly showcase the brands who reign at the top of the luxury, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports industries.