Two Men Launch A Podcast To Redefine Masculinity

Two Men Launch A Podcast To Redefine Masculinity

A men’s betterment centric organization,” When Men Open Up” has launched a podcast to further their empowering messages for not only men but women and society collectively — to change perspectives regarding masculinity and redefine manhood so that the context aligns with today’s veracity. The podcast on overcoming toxic masculinity is hosted by the founders of “When Men Open Up”, Dominique Bond and Dexter Peggins Jr. The podcasts are a part of the organization’s intent to create awareness on what it really means to be a man and they will be aired on Tuesdays at 6 pm on iHeartRadio, Spreaker, TuneIn, and Spotify.

While there are numerous women empowerment organizations, such organizations for men are quite sparse. Everyone needs guidance and support — men are no different. Realizing this, Dominique Bond, a social worker, and Dexter Peggins Jr., a minister created “When Men Open Up,” to encourage men to open up and create encompassing awareness on their self, identity, personal strength, manhood, mental clarity, and life trajectory. The organization is aimed towards men of 18 to 45 years of age.
If there are men empowerment initiatives conducted today, it’s often affiliated with the church — “When Men Open Up” is indie and has an affinity with love and self-worth extended to individual men as the focus is on the men as humans, not their collective behaviors that society has ingrained. The podcast by “When Men Open Up” will provide biblical context to the personal issues of men besides taking the societal norms that have affected the psyche and personhood of men today by the horns.

“The podcast may seem controversial but it’s necessary for men to have introspection and seek help when they need it if a better world for everyone is to be created,” said the “When Men Open Up” podcast hosts.
The podcast series is particularly designed to uplift men suffering in silence — Dominique and Dexter know how to handle the issues men struggle with alone because of their prior experiences working with troubled men. This will be showcased via a podcast series, speaking engagements, workshops, panel discussions, seminars, and other crowd support systems.

The key messages of the podcasts are carefully curated and spoken in segments. Firstly, it’s the need for a safe space for men to open up on difficult issues. Next, it’s about the providence of clarity and tools for direction and balance that will make way to fresh perspectives and resources. Last is to transparently redefine manhood while tackling taboos head-on. This is what makes “When Men Open Up” a unique brand — their non-rhetoric and in touch with reality approach opens up workable solutions.

The organization has fostered long-lasting relationships with WYTV7, Dr. Michal Perry of Catalyst Executive Advising & Development, African American Male Initiative of Augusta University, and 520-Radio.

With the podcast, “When Men Open Up” would expand its market share by being at the center of the crossroads of mental health, personal development, corporate professionalism, and relationships. It’s hoped that by the podcasts reaching the male masses, it would encourage men to seek medical help for their mental health issues as men tend not to seek help as opposed to women — this is one of the agendas.
Toxic masculinity leads to men to repress their emotions and guard their weaknesses — society expects men to do that and it’s a lose-lose situation as men spiral down from human normalcy.

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